What Type Of Illuminated Signs Are Best For Your Business

Have you ever wondered the type of illuminated signs ideal for your business? To tell you the truth, it’s actually pretty hard to choose from the two types, LED and neon, given their benefits and advantages over another. And this is especially true if you don’t get some help from an expert. This is also the main reason why I’ll be teaching you about the advantage of LED illumination over neon signs and then vice versa. Now let’s get started with the comparison!

LED Illumination

When you’re choosing between what type of illuminated business signs Sydney to get for your business, you need to make sure about the potential energy use of each type. LEDs are known for its incredibly long lifespan and of course, this comes with less energy use.Each module only requires 12 to 24V so that’s a pretty good value when we’re talking about getting a medium to huge size of illuminated signs on the front of your business. It can last up to 100,000 hours and therefore saving you a lot of money! Assuming that you won’t turn off the lights, that is equal to almost eleven and a half years.But you need to take note of the maintenance and repairs, too. But that’s also one of the features of LED signs! You will do a lot less maintenance which saves you maintenance and labor costs. It also pays to remember that it will require less circuits and wiring when using LED signs.

One more thing to remember is that temperature have been a problem for traditional lighting. But that is solved by LED signs! It can maintain consistent light output even at a temperature of -40 to 60 degrees.Now, you know that LED signs are ideal for those looking to cut down their bills, but LED signs are actually more expensive compared to neon signs. But of course, the return in investment is worth every single cent. Now let’s get to the neon illumination.

Neon Illumination

True, installing neon rooftop signs seems to be not worth it compared to LED signs, but there’s more to it. If you have enough money to pay for your current energy bills with traditional lighting, then just go with neon signs. It will give you better marketing for your business and what’s more, the initial installation is cheaper than the LED signs’.The leading sign manufacturers can produce neon signs also seem to be worth every single cent because you can get the money that you should have saved when you use the LED signs back using the marketing strategy. Your business will boom and therefore, you will get more sales.

So what’s the verdict, neon or LED? Well, for economical use, it’s obviously LED signs. But if you’re looking to spread your business, then go for the neon. Just make sure you don’t decorate your store too much of these illuminated signs or it will look painful.

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